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iSinwan Smart Services

I am the palm tree friend; iSinwan. Just like you, I love dealing and taking care of palm trees. I developed myself to offer contemporary solutions to enable effective management and caring process for successful palm tree farming.

Palm trees

Palm tree and farm management

Adding farm:

  • iSinwan enable you to add your farm in easy steps
  • Identify farm location based on google maps mechanism
  • three easy steps to create the farm record on iSinwan
  • At any time you can add, edit or delete farm / farms
Palm trees

Palm trees Statistics and Maps

Comprehensive records for each palm tree:

  • Easy steps to add palm trees in your farm
  • Identify type and location of each palm tree based on google maps
  • Easy steps to create unique record for each palm tree
  • At any time, you can add, edit and delete palm tree
  • Offer effective inventory of your farm palm trees based on:
    • Location
    • Type
    • Age
    • Productivity
    • Income
Mange the Palm Tree Caring Process

Palm tree Care Management

Now it become easy to manage the palm tree care process.

  • iSinwan schedules care process for each Palm tree in innovative way
  • In this way, you delegate the care tasks to your farming team.
  • At the same time, still have control and monitoring ability to their performance and tasks completion progress.
  • iSinwan offer a dashboard offer you as a farm owner or manger to have a comprehensive status instantly
  • It does so through following categories:
    • Assigned Tasks
    • Bending Tasks
    • Completed Tasks
    • Critical tasks that are over due
Search and filters Capabilities

Palm tree and Farm Reports

Mange your farm production and plan for future:

  • iSinwan algorithms offer you an innovative support
  • instantly generate a comprehensive report about your palm tree
  • iSinwan will calculate and estimate the expected yield of each palm tree
  • iSinwan estimate the annual income for the farm and each type of palm trees
  • though iSinwan your are transforming your farm to a strategic business units through:
    • three scenarios of income (optimistic, normal and pessimistic)
    • ability to classify and plan the profitable palm tree types
    • you can add more than one farm and generate composite and separate reports.
    • Know future tasks and plan your resources

Knowledge Base

Date Palm farming is a development of agriculture and a blessing. The person who, takes part in the development of this farm is a blessed one, Palm cultivation and dates production is a profitable trade with huge returns, If Palm plantation's management is done in a professional manner.


Dates fruit is the diet of rich and poor, find out a lot about the dates and its phases of growth and its markets

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Palm Farming

Palm cultivation is one of the oldest skills that sons of the Arabian Peninsula possess, and palm cultivation techniques evolve rapidly in our region and the whole world.

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Date Market

There is no tree more honoured than a palm tree. It is cited in holy Quran. It is consumed by arabs, and all the people around the world.

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iSinwan blog express our passion for dates and palm farming. It is designed to provide you information that you need in order to reach your goals and aspirations regarding Palm Farming. We also welcome you participation in this section.


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Valuable feedback will open new horizons, enables us to identify the ways to make it easier, for caring of palm trees and to make it more rewarding.

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